Moose Volunteer Sign-Up

Moose on the Malden Regatta 2014

This is the largest race we have hosted at our river and we are going to need all hands on deck to make the day run smoothly.
Please email me and let me know when you are available to help and your preferred position. Thank you in advance.
moose jobs.JPG

Volunteering on May 17th.
Arrive 7:00
Bus Lot for VIP parking volunteers - Mikey Sweeney
Comcast Parking Lot - Stephen Tramondozzi
Corner of Comcast Lot (Commercial and Medford Street) - Isadora,
Hang signs at all stations - Michael L., Ariel
Hospitality - Nubia, Deanna, Stacy, Kathy

Arrive 7:30
Tents/Food set-up - B1V4
Launch - Dad LaFauci, Stephen, Michael, Shauna, Michael
Poop Scoop - Andrew
Oar Monitor -
Hang Red Banners - Shauna

Arrive 8:00
See above...

Arrive 9:00
Launching check-off - Devon, Austin
Trash can bag swap (mid-race) - JB, Jesse
Heal Tie check - Lily
T-shirt sales - Lisa
Food Sales - Food truck
BBQ - maybe not
Potluck Food Management - Gabby's mom
Slush - not this year.... maybe ice cream truck
Parking Director - sit at DPW entrance - Austin, Stephen T.
Photos - Loc, James, Max, Loc
Shoes - Stacey

Water Jobs
See above...
Emcee - Patino
Registration - Karen

After the race assignments
Comcast lot clean-up (all the way to the flag pole) - everyone
DPW lot clean-up - everyone
Food clean-up - everyone
Table take-down and load truck - everyone
Launch Removal/Clean-up - everyone