Results from Erging Tuesday:

Homework - watch this video!!!!! There has been some damage to our boats because rigging is done incorrectly - watch!!!!
How to Rig a Boat (Don't stop the video early thinking you are a genius.)

Basic Rowing Technique - Read the Details

Coxswain Recording

Bow loaded 4 - 2011
Women's JV - 2010
Men's Four
2011 National Rowing Championships (Adelaide) - Men's Open Club Four Race

In terms of technique - in the later stages of the race the Banks Rowing Club crew being to shorten their stroke as they begin to fatigue. This occurs just after the 1000m mark of the race (approx. 3:45 mark of the video), and you will hear it pointed out by the commentator (although the crew has shortened their stroke well before he mentions it) - notice that the oars are 'missing water' (that is, they are travelling further back than the point where they actually enter the water, meaning some of the travelled length is wasted). This is a common error that is hard to prevent, because your body is screaming at you by this stage, and it becomes hard to preserve form! This is where a coxwain can come in very handy by focusing the rowers and calling for length, however this event was in coxless boats so unfortunately this couldn't be done. In this case the coach and crew could have identified this tendency in prior training, and worked on strategies to overcome it and focus on it during the race! Prior preparation/analysis, and knowing your biggest weaknesses are valuable tools to help you row faster in big events.

Arlington-Belmont Crew has set up a page of information that will be quite helpful to coxswain's - take a look!!